About Us

We are the leading IT Support organization which gives services for IT development. NTMY is consists of programmers and IT professionals established in 2010 and enjoying a top position among the best supporting technological developments sectors including security solutions, support solutions and IT/Network solutions. All our members have the IT experiences at least 5 years, including programming of Web Application, Web Services, Cloud applications and mobile applications.

Virtual Office

For the growth of internet marketing, many enterprises spend investment on Information Technology. As the following result of Gartner Survey on year 2015. It summarized the statistics of CEO's anwsering from big companies shows most investment on IT next 5 years. The top popular IT includes eCommerce, Big data and cloud calculating.

Actually, a lot of small company is not able to afford IT investment. NTMY is committed to provide small business for IT service through the program "Virtual Office". What is Virtual Office, you could treat "Virtual Office" as your remote IT office physically. The manpower in Virtual Office depends upon the customer's real request. The model is called "REQUEST ON DEMAND" which no need IT guys fully time ocuppied definitely reduce the cost. As the definition of the program, "Virtual Office" treated as customer's remote office, physically we have to report to the customer by daily-log, weekly report, monthly report, even yearly report so that our customers easily review the progress of every task.

  • Cost Reduction

    As we know, a small business with an IT professional for IT task means offering high cost including salary, tax and insurance. Furthermore, the performance of an full time job employee is hard evaluated. On the other hand, The manpower of "Virtual Office" don't be paid.


    Apparently, "REQUEST ON DEMAND" is more efficient supporting way to our customer. We is committed to assisting small business improvement of IT service. Flexible service and cost reduction conduct small business IT service, just a evaluation for formal IT investment for future. We would like to see more small business is willing to invest Information Technology.

  • Management

    NTMY organization has senior IT professionals with at least 10 years experience. The role will be the bridge between our customer and "Virtual Office", treated as customer's remote department manager. The customer just review the virtual department manager instead of monitoring every member in "Virtual Office".


Our major IT technology contains Java, C#, C/C++, VB and front-page script including
JSP, ASP, ASP.net and PHP.

  • Web APP J2EE
  • Web APP.net
  • Mobile APP Android/iPhone
  • Website PHP,HTML,CSS
  • Standalone APP VB/C/C++

We have various project experiences in different industries including wafer foundry, IC design, government, manufacturing, restruant, retail and so on. The appliction implementations contain Customer Portal, Enterprise Information System, Procurement online, eCommerece, Sales Forece, KPI, HR online, SPC, MES, Web Service and Mobile APPs.


We provide the follwoing services:
1. IT Consulting
2. System Analysis and Design with UML
3. System Development
4. System Integration
5. Project Management/Coordinator
6. Solution Provider
7. Internet Marketing Promotion