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We have solution for any budget.

Our mission is simple. To help business entities of limited IT/Marketing budget to enjoy the benefits of E world and to mitigate the digital gap by sharing our team as small companies’ virtual IT/Marketing team.

FAQ for Building a Website

If you are not preparing to set up your own hardware equipment, here are the costs you need to pay when building a website:

Web Space Usage Fee (Payment Frequency: Yearly)

The concept of web space is like renting a store in a mall. The better the location and the closer it is to the crowd, the more expensive the rent. Web space is the same concept, giving you a certain size of space and limiting your total traffic and resources, and charging a certain fee regularly.

There is also another kind of cloud server, just like renting a piece of land to build your own mall. Of course, this kind of flexibility and space is larger, and more creative ideas can be released independently, but the charges are relatively expensive according to the usage.

But remember, no matter which way, it is still an empty store or a piece of empty land, you need to decorate or build it into a business place, or let professionals serve you.

Domain Name Registration Fee (Payment Frequency: Yearly)

This is like the house number of your new house, but different, you must pay a fee regularly to maintain the use of this house number. Please note that although you can freely change the house number you like, each time you change it, the search engine optimization ranking points you have previously done will be abandoned or abandoned. Please choose carefully and hold it for a long time.

Website Design/Development Fee (One-time)

Website development and design is like interior decoration/building a house. Please let companies like us serve you to avoid many unnecessary time and money expenses. You just need to focus on how to show the value of the company and products, or even build a mall directly for e-commerce.

At present, the website construction plan of NTMY includes all the above fees (registration fee, agency fee, setup fee, rental fee only covers the first year).

Yes, but we cannot guarantee that no one has registered it before you.

Therefore, after the project is launched, we will ask you to give us several (more than three, in order of preference) names that you like, and we will register them for you and set up the relevant parameters. When the website is online and the project is completed, we will transfer the management account and password to you.

From the second year onwards, you can renew the domain name yourself. If you continue to use our space and hosting, the renewal fee for the domain name will also be included in the service.

It is not recommended, but you can still do it.

The project offer already includes one year of web hosting space, so even if you don’t use it, you can’t deduct the cost separately. In addition, the package also includes one year of basic maintenance service (valued at 6,000), which cannot be deducted or transferred to your designated space for service. Website space directly affects the stability and performance of the website. The equipment we are currently cooperating with is in the Chunghwa Telecom machine room. We suggest you use it for the first year. The quality is very good. If you really don’t like it, we will help you move it away.

Yes, our current foreign website space is located in Los Angeles, California. It uses top-tier machine rooms, and the machine room information is here:

A rental website only rents you the “right to use” the website functions and space, and you do not own the website. Although this rental website approach looks much cheaper initially, from the perspective of long-term website operation, there are definitely better choices. If you use this type of website to market your company, once the rental relationship is terminated, you may encounter the following troubles:

You don’t accumulate SEO for yourself

Most of the URLs used by rental websites are provided by the service provider, and you don’t own this URL. The URL is the identity of the website. After years of marketing, you will find that your marketing costs are all helping the service provider to advertise and drive traffic. Once the rental relationship ends, all of these results will be nothing.

You have no full control over “your” website

You cannot control the functions of the website. The functions of this type of website are based on the private platform developed by the service provider, and you cannot lead the addition and modification of functions. Whether new functions should be released and the progress are completely in the hands of the service provider. Even the appearance and style of the website can only provide a few templates to choose from.

Not necessarily cheaper

From the perspective of long-term operation, it is not necessarily cheaper. If you consider time, freedom and marketing investment targets together, you will find that using rental websites may not be a good investment.

Concerns about leakage of confidential information

It may not be just you who knows your website traffic and customer information. The system and control of rental websites are still owned by service providers. From a technical point of view, almost any data can be accessed.

System kidnapping

You cannot migrate the system to other web spaces or servers. If the service provider’s system itself is not up to the task, when your performance grows, if you want to move the system to a better environment, faster network, more computing power, you may face endless waiting for upgrades or exorbitant removal costs, or even direct rejection.

For all these reasons, NTMY does not provide rental websites.

Traditional websites are composed of several or many static webpages, each of which is connected to each other by so-called hyperlinks and organized into a website to be presented to the public by menus. In this traditional way, when the web page needs to be updated, the maintenance personnel need to edit each related program code (HTML, CSS, ASP/PHP, SQL, Script…) file, and the required information technology is not something that people who have not received training can handle. To maintain such a website, you need to hire engineers or hire a web design company.

The new generation of websites combines databases and more advanced technology stacks to form a “content management system” (CMS, Content Management System). This system dynamically generates webpages according to the preset layout and logic, as well as text and picture content. The basic maintenance personnel do not need professional knowledge to update text, pictures and other content. This update and maintenance interface is called the “backend”.

The website project submitted by NTMY will be equipped with such a “backend” management interface.

In principle, if there is time, we encourage you to use it more for news releases and blog sections on your company website. This is the exclusive content of your company, and it is also the content that search engines like. The more you use it, the more you will like our submitted system, and at the same time you will accumulate points for your website ranking.

It depends! According to our experience, website production only takes up a very small amount of time in the entire project process. Most of the time is spent on understanding requirements, making prototypes, and the owner preparing data. If we want to give an approximate time, under the condition of data and prod

A determination to make the website the best it can be! Experience tells us that the process of creating a website is also a process of re-examining the current state of a company or individual. The information needed is both broad and specific, and we have plenty of experience dealing with any difficulties that may arise. Don’t worry, just do it!

Not necessarily!

Google’s natural ranking results are the result of a combination of many items, and this result is absolutely related to the keywords you search. Easier to understand items include: click rate, stay time, number of external links, good website description, good website keywords, appropriate keyword density, mobile device friendly, etc. The process of optimizing these items one by one is called SEO.

The websites submitted by Xinhui Technology are SEO friendly. You can adjust your website step by step to gradually improve the ranking of the selected keywords.

After the website is built, we also provide digital marketing services, including SEO items.

Actually, it is not necessary! There are several aspects to consider when it comes to the maintenance of the website after it is completed and online:

Routine website content updates:

Once the website is completed and online, we will hand over the backend access to you. At this point, you will be able to carry out maintenance tasks such as editing and adding content to the website. The way to edit the content is just like using a text editor (such as Microsoft Word), and basic web concepts and file editing skills are enough to do the job.

System maintenance:

This part is more technical. It covers a wide range, from maintaining system operation to fine-tuning system performance and fighting hackers. If your company has MIS/IT personnel who can work with us, we can completely transfer the underlying access rights to you. Our contract plans, in addition to full customization projects, include basic maintenance for the first year, so in principle you don’t have to worry about this issue. Even if we serve you, we only charge NT$6,000  for one year! It’s much cheaper than hiring an engineer yourself…

You don’t have to worry about the website being taken hostage by us, and even if you want to move the website after one year, we will still help you move with tears in our eyes and a smile on our faces.


We are submitting a highly flexible website system that can add languages to the system at any time and add content to the language. You can even create different websites with different languages and different content in the same system.

Yes, and you can choose to add it after the official website is built, or build it together.

We can support most of the third-party payment providers, such as ECPay, NEWEPAY, PayPal, etc., for your customized e-commerce website.

If these service providers also provide logistics or even electronic invoice services, we can also integrate them.

Please rest assured!

Our team originally mainly engaged in subcontracting work, not directly facing customers. It is possible that you have visited websites or web application systems that were produced by us but not designed by us. However, because of this, problems such as incomplete customer requirements, serious discrepancies between project results and expectations, and project delays often occur.

The best way to change this situation is for us to take the case ourselves! When you browse our website, other projects are also in progress. We will update the reference cases (with the consent of the customer).

Fully respect and completely transfer

We hope to communicate fully in each project process, and when the project is completed, we can become your strong information technology service partner or even a good friend. We cherish every opportunity to cooperate with customers, which is also the origin of our company Chinese name (Xinhui, homophonic for NICE TO MEET YOU).