The fact seems to be while hesitating about building a website,

Your competitors might already engage in Inbound Marketing!




Inbound Marketing is bringing you, or your competitors

More and More Active Visitors

Affordable Cost

High Organic Ranking

Proactive Customers

Customer Retension

Viral Marketing

Opinion Leadership

High CTR

Long-term Effect

Your SEO Friendly, RWD Website is

The Center of your Marketing Efforts

All inbound channels, such as social media and content marketing, feeds into your site as an important part of conversion process

Turn visitors to customers

Let pro-active visitors land on your website and turn them into leads and then turn leads into customers, no matter where and how they from.

Your image, your style

Social media allow you to style your company page in a very limited way. The most obvious advantage of website is that it is jut built for you or your business in the style you like or the one to attract your customers.

Full Control

Build an excellent website and take control of your digital presence back in hands! You may change the look and feel of your site, add features, and decide how/what to share with your customers without the need of any other company's mercy.

Social Media as Marketing Tools

Meet your future clients of different segments from various social media.  Make the most of the broadcasting & interaction abilities of them to show all goodies on your website and bring potential customers back.

Secure Sales Data

No other business entities should be able to index, analyze your sales data and customer information. Think again what you have trade for free services from social media or other online platforms. Secure your business now!

Your Own E-Business

Social media are in huge compeitition. Focusing and investing resources in specific ones are no more enough. Investing a website that you can have full control is always a good idea for your business.

Features of your new website

Advanced / High Maintainability / Extendable

Mobile Friendly

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design which makes web pages automatically render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. It increases the willingness of your customers to read your web pages and the ranking in Google Search.


Create, modify web pages & news, blogs without any knowledge of code or additional help from IT professionals. Marketing or Sales team is good enough to perform regular website content maintenance tasks on the website we build for you.


You can add additional languages for the markets you are about to approach and manage all contents in one platform with same skills. Your new website is multilingual enabled in one roof. No additional websites needed to be setup. Yes, it is that easy!


Your new website will be SEO friendly and basic optimization would be done right after website go-live. Flixible website system is also able to meet your needs of future modifications and optimization for SEO.

Traffic Analytics

Website traffic data gathered by embedding tracking codes provided by Google, Facebook... is great reference for furthur website analysis and improvement. It also helps a lot in optimizing your digital marketing strategy.


Website management is also made easy by following our tailor-made maintenacne instructions which are written just for you. Everything you need to know about your website is well organized in the set of documents.


Your website is extendable. Empower your website with modern looks, new features, more functions along with your business growth without re-construct one.

Our Design Principle

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


How it looks

The look and feel of your website, visitor's first impression. Styling would give your webiste an iconic look and attrack your target audience. Styling could be change any time without rebulding, if necessary.


What to tell

Content is King. It's your show time. Attrack your audiences and visitors with visual images and insteresting text content, and further transform them to being your customer. By leveraging experience in professional services, we provides suggestions when required to assist presenting your content to your target audience, in a most effective way.


How to present

This is how we present content and interact with your visitors. By making the most of modern and mature IT technologies, we present well-designed content blocks, pages to visitors clearly and effectively.

Common Features Your Website Should have

Sections and Funtions


well-trained experts with plenty of project experience are our key to ensure the speed and success of website construction projects. Following is the list of common feature you may have in your website

Common Sections
News and Events
Product and Service
Inquiry/Contact Form
Image/Video Gallery
Background Effects
Call to Action
Video Embed
Font icons
Google Fonts Embed
SEO & Social Media
SEO Friendly
Facebook Pixel
Google Analytics
Autentication for Protected Area
Social Links
Site Search
Customer Oriented
Onsite Helpdesk
Customized Inquiry Form
Google Maps
News Letter

Website Construction Plans

Quick Plans for You


According to various purpose and budget, we prepare 3 plans for your selection.

Mobile visitors, slide horizontally to see more plans.

This migh answer your qestions



Building a website doesn't require huge investment in hardware and IT professionals. Alll you have to pay are:

Web Hosting(Annually)

Just like renting a clearing to build house for your business. The better location or larger space, the more rent you should pay. Hosting company charges you by sharing a certain part of their servers and network bandwidth. Base on that, you could build website without heavy investment in IT hardware & software.

But, please be reminded that this is an emty space. You have to hire professionals to build house for you.

Domain Name(Annually)

Just like the address of your building. But it is shorter and you have to pay to keep ownership. You can change your name anytime you like. But everytime you change name, SEO score will stay with old names. Please pick carefully, and keep a longterm ownership.

Website Design / Construction(Once)

This is where our professional service lives in, With our help, website can go-live beautifully in a preditable timeline and under well controlled budget plan. All you have to do is focusing in showing core value of your business to visitors. We will take care of all of other parts.

All plans proposed by NTMY covers all expands mentioned above.

Yes, but we cannot guarantee that one is not occupied.

After project kicked off, you will be asked to provide at least 3 name (order by your preference) as your domain name. We will try to get the best one for you and configure everything.

Sure, you can pick any web hosting you like. But this is not recomanded.

We have include nice web hosting service in each plan and it is not deductible. You have to pay additional web hosting fee if you decide to use other hosting. Besides, all plans includes 1 year basic system support (NT$ 6,000 value). And that is not transferable to your hosting.

Please try our partner's service at least for 1st year. We will help you move to other hosting if you do not like it eventually.

Yes, we do. Those high level datacenters are located in east coast and west sideof US.













Backend is an additional web interface (pages) built for webmasters or administrators to perform routine webpage update/modification tasks without deep programing skills.

If you would like to update your website frequently on your own, yes, you should learn how to use it. Don't worry, the learning cruve is pretty flat.

We encourage you to udpate website regularly to get better SEO score.

From 1.5 month to 6 month according to the complexity of website features. 

As a matter of face, the most time consuming stage is spec. & style confirmation. The most delayed task is gethering raw materails.

A strong, eager heart for building a great website!

The process of building a website is also a process of reviewing a company... We will help you get through the process and finally come out a great website.

Yes, basically!

Google rank pages according to the caculation on relation scores upon specific keywords  in many aspect. If Google think your page is highly relative to some keywords, your page link will be displayed when users search those keywords. The process of getting better score is so call SEO.

So. the question would be: How would I get better ranking on specific keywords?

All website built by NTMY is SEO friendly. We also provides additional SEO service to customers to improve SEO.

Yes, it is. But those tasks should be specrated into 2 categories.

Category A: Content

After website go-live, you will receive account information for the access to the maintenance back-end. All you need is basic website concept and text editor skill to update, modify, add new contents. If you have extra photo editing skill, changing website photos is also simple.

Categroy B: System

This is totally technical tasks and covers many aspect such as system performance, security... If your company hires IT professionals, we will transfer all technical detail and tasks to you. If you don't, an 1-year elementary system maintenance support is included in price plan.

The best part is, we are open if you would like to transter website to any hosting service provider. We do not earn money by kidnaping websites. 

We do deliver and do it well.

We used to be a subcontractor of large software project and do not contact customers directly. The problem is, key factors and requirements from customers are often misunderstood or recognized by project service company. Those problem always cause serious project cost-increase and delay.

The best way to provent those problem is, we took project directly from customers. And we seriously respect NDAs we signed. 


What we delivered is a well designed and flexible website system. You can add more language and related content anytime. Website even has the ability to show defferent content according to visitor's language.

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